"Everyday over 300,000 diapers are used in the US and over 360,000 metric tons of diapers are used worldwide." "In the US one US citizen uses between 300-500 diapers in a lifetime."

The rise of eco-friendly products is something that we've seen over the years. From the early days of organic cotton to the current day of zero waste, the demand for eco-friendly products has been met with success. The same can be said when it comes to eco-friendly diapers. From the use of plant-based fibers to the non-toxic water-based coatings, eco-friendly diapers are becoming more popular than ever.

The 0% oil based plastic on skin is the most innovative and environmentally friendly diaper today. They have 100% plant based materials that do not contain any toxic substances. Our diapers are made from high quality cotton and are very comfortable. The 0% oil based plastic on skin diaper has a stretchy waistband that is soft and perfect for the little ones. If you are looking for a diaper with a comfortable fit and a slimmer look, the 0% oil based plastic on skin is the perfect choice.

Now we are the leading ECO brand globally! We focus on compostable products that go back to soil.


Eco by Naty is the leading green diaper brand. We have come this far due to our constant drive for excellence and determination to make a real change. We are at the edge of eco development, and determined to be so in the future. Over the years we have invested millions of dollars in new, groundbreaking technology.



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