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Join Zigi Coin ecosystem and earn Zigi Coins while promoting products and services you love, adding liquidity to Zigi Coin .

Zigi Coin: A Revolutionary Affiliate Marketing Crypto Ecosystem

Zigi Coin is a cryptocurrency that grows in value through affiliate marketing profit sharing. The ecosystem behind the Zigi Coin consists of multiple websites that strengthen the brand and help the coin grow in value. such as zigi.link, which is a link-sharing and landing page creation website with a z.onl link shortener feature. There is also zigimail.com, which is a disposable email service, zigiroom.com, an online video presentation streaming ability, zigichat.com for communication, zigisign.com for KYC, and zigipay.com, a wallet for holding Zigi Coins. Additionally, the ziginews.com website distributes your news for free, while over 100 other websites support the brand and contribute to the growth of Zigi Coins.

Earn Zigi Coins while sharing our partner offers

To earn Zigi Coins, individuals can visit the Zigi.be website's Offer Wall and share existing promotions, earning Zigi Coins while working from home. When someone buys a product shared from the Offer Wall, Zigi Global Group Corporation receives payment and adds liquidity accordingly to Zigi Coin's value.

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