The best and most effective way to manage your time is to keep your inbox and social media clear of clutter. By focusing on your most important tasks, you can get more done in less time. Today, we're going to talk about how to do this with the help of technology. I'll share with you a brilliant service called SaneBox that is quickly becoming one of the most popular email management tools on the market.

The inbox is a daunting place to be. It seems like there are too many emails in there, but not all of them are important. They can be time-wasting, boring, or unimportant.

SaneBox is a company that has developed a unique email client that helps people manage their inboxes. It's unlike any other service as it uses an A.I. algorithm to make sure the most important emails stay in the Inbox and the rest of the emails are automatically archived.

Why SaneBox?
SaneBox identifies important messages, hides distractions, has Do Not Disturb, banishes annoying senders, reminds you to follow up and more...

What happens next:

▪️ Choose which SaneBox folders you want to use.

▪️Those folders are then added everywhere you check your email. Nothing to download or install!

▪️ Your Inbox email is then sorted:

   ðŸ”¸ Important email arrives and stays in your Inbox.

   ðŸ”¸ Distractions arrive and are moved to your chosen folders.

▪️ Check your Inbox and SaneBox folders with any webmail/email client.

▪️ During onboarding you'll have the opportunity to try our other award winning features.



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